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  • Chapter 2 of the epic book “Magic of thinking big”: “Cure yourself of excusitis, the failure diseases”

Chapter 2 of the epic book “Magic of thinking big”: “Cure yourself of excusitis, the failure diseases”

The magic of thinking big is a bestseller book written by   David J. Schwartz.  David J. Schwartz was a motivational writer, a professor of marketing from the United States of America, and had written this book in 1959. This must-read book will help you to think big, yourself and be aware that anything is possible and you can do anything you want, you ask your mind to do and you are willing to do. Mastering your mind, your thoughts, and cure yourself of excuses, are key components of your success.

Chapter 2

Do not search for excuses to explain your failures or why you are not taking action. A lot of people hide behind excuses to avoid reality, their inability to achieve, or do something. There are four kinds of excusitis based on health condition, intelligence, age, or bad luck.

  1. Health excuses
    • Many people have a health issue that their battling with every single day of their lives but what makes the difference is their attitude toward it.
    • If we all take this as an alibi, nothing can be achieved, no progress in science, epic books, artwork and so one will be made.
    • Indeed, many successful people have dealt with but never taken it as a handicap, but as a force. Failures will do and will believe in their excuses.
  2. Intelligence excuses
    • The second excuses are intelligence. Some people underestimate their brainpower and overestimate other intelligence. This blocks them to take actions or realize something great in their lives.
    • Others think that they are too intelligent, but instead of using their brainpower to working on something and make it right, they tend to find ways to explain why something goes wrong and get paralyzed by it. Other groups of person, think to be too smart to do certain things and finally end up realizing nothing.
  3. Age excuses:
    • The third excusitis is age-based: “I am too young or too old to do this”. Why using our thought creating age limitations instead of having a positive attitude towards our ages?
    • When you realize that your age is just a number and you can do whatever you want as long as you feel capable to do so, mentally and physically, you can make it.
  4. Luck excuses:
    • The last excusitis is of good or bad luck. there is no such thing as just hard work.
    • There is no effect without a cause> and the day you will realize it, you will stop envying or being jealous of other’s success.

To conclude, cure yourself of excuses if you want to achieve your goals. Either you achieve them or not, you are fully responsible for the outcome, so work on your attitude and you will make it.

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